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[VID]1. Printer Driver Tab 1 - Document Layout.mp42013-10-14 18:45 1.2M 
[VID]2. Printer Driver Tab 2 - Paper Select-Finishing.mp42013-10-14 18:58 1.4M 
[VID]3. Printer Driver Tab 3 - Quality and Colour.mp42013-10-14 19:15 1.0M 
[VID]4. Fax from PC-480p.mp42013-09-27 12:14 347K 
[VID]4. Fax from PC-720p.mp42013-09-27 12:20 460K 
[VID]4. Fax from PC.mp42020-08-27 13:58 1.6M 
[VID]4. Printer Driver Tab 4 - Watermarks.mp42013-10-14 19:28 1.4M 
[VID]5. Printer Driver Tab 5 and MFP- Printer Control Panel - Confidential Print.mp42013-10-14 19:48 2.1M 
[VID]5a. Cancelling Print Jobs.mp42013-09-27 12:39 874K 
[VID]6. Control Panel - Basic Copying Features.mp42013-10-15 09:01 1.8M 
[VID]7. Control Panel- Advanced Copying Features.mp42013-10-23 05:01 2.0M 
[VID]8. Scan to Email.mp42014-07-18 19:25 2.7M 
[VID]8. Scan to Email2.mp42013-09-27 12:51 903K 
[VID]9. Single Scan to Email Shortcut.mp42013-09-27 12:52 620K 
[VID]9a. Multiple Scan to Email Shortcuts.mp42013-09-27 12:53 837K 
[VID]9b. Faxing at Device.mp42013-09-27 12:46 193K 
[VID]9c. Advanced Faxing at Device.mp42013-09-27 12:47 363K 
[VID]9d. Single Fax Shortcut.mp42013-09-27 12:48 403K 
[VID]9e Multiple Fax Shortcuts.mp42013-09-27 12:49 544K 
[VID]9f Deleting Fax or Email Shortcuts.mp42013-09-27 12:54 235K 
[VID]9g Printing From USB Stick .mp42013-09-27 12:41 1.5M 
[VID]MultipleEmailShortcuts.mp42013-09-27 11:49 774K 

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